Aerial Wireless Communication System

This wireless device system is installed on each hallway at Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  Staff carry portable pagers with them at all times as well as residents that are a fall risk may wear portable pendants or fixed (pull cord) devices.

How It Works

The residents press a button to initiate a call for assistance.  On the fixed pull cord device, a resident that may have a safety risk would initiate the alert if they would attempt to get up without assistance.   The Aerial system, then processes the signal giving a visual cue and audible alert to the nurse’s aide.  If the call is not responded to within a preset amount of time the nurse manager is notified of the residents need, after a further specified amount of time both the Director of Nursing & the Executive Director are alerted for follow up.  This allows for the residents needs to be met in a much more reasonable amount of time.  This system not only works from within the building but is able to alert staff when the resident may be in the courtyard enjoying the outdoors.

Why We Have It

This system aides Riverside in providing increased safety to their residents as well as enables them to respond more quickly to resident/family needs.  It helps our residents and families feel more secure and confident as they pursue their own interests, function at there highest level of independence or simply assist the staff enhance their monitoring of those residents that have a greater safety risk.

One more step that Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation provides in striving for quality care of your loved one.


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